Want ROI at 8% per annum guarantee?

Here at J & J International we offer investors a return on investment (ROI) at 8% per annum guarantee. 

The NDIS is deliberately paying high rents to stimulate investors into building $5 billion worth of residential property. This is a Government backed program so that is why we can offer such an amazing return of your money.

SDA funding, under the NDIS is a legislated commitment of Australia’s Commonwealth, State and Territory governments, set out in the NDIS, SDA Rules (2016), under the NDIS Act (2013).

This legislation provides the foundation for the Government’s long-term and firm commitment to SDA funding under the NDIS. There is a price guide the SDA have provided which we have examined and are comfortable with offering Investors this great return. For more information on SDA please click here.

We have worked with experts, strategist and SDA Providers and have come to signed agreement. That offers:

  • Zero Management fees
  • No Maintenance fees
  • Money paid directly into your account every month

This contract with these stakeholders is binding. We offer a high return compared to traditional property investment yields.

By offering an 8% return on investment it is a much better then investing into standard residential housing. Or even just putting money into the bank earning next to nothing. For comparison have a look at the interest rate offered currently by CBA.

J and J International Financial Freedom

Ok, how much is 8% return on investment if you purchased a property?

Here is an example of a property purchased through J & J International:

Land Purchase Cost$225,000.00
Build Cost$299,900.00
Total Land and Build Cost$524,900.00
Stamp Duty$12,375.00
Legal Fees$900.00
NDIS Application Fee$5,000.00
Total Typical Costs$18,275.00
Grand Total Investment Cost$543,175.00

Cash needed to start your journey to earning cashflow

5% Deposit Land$11,250.00
5% Deposit Building$14,995.00
Stamp Duty$12,375.00
Legal Fees$900.00
NDIS Application Fee$5,000.00
Total cost to start$44,520.00

Cash Flow Table

Model Project InvestmentCash Flow Total
NDIS Investment Guarantee return at 8% per annum on Purchase Total $524,900.00$41,992.00
less Annual Interest Repayment*($13,824.00)
less Property Holding Expenses Annually **($3,000.00)
Positive Cash Flow Annually$25,168.00
Positive Cashflow Monthly$2,097.00
*Calculation based on CBA Interest Only for 5 years at 3.29%. 80% Loan to value ratio (LVR) on $524,900.00 at $1,152.00 (Monthly Repayment)
** Council Rates, Water Rates, and Building Insurance

So after seeing the above how can I find out more?

If you like that kind of amazing positive cashflow with a possible monthly cashflow of $2,097.00. Please click below to book an appointment with our strategy consultants.

If you would like to understand more about positive cashflow please click here.