Positive Cashflow? What is it?

Positive cashflow is an ongoing stream of income you receive from an investment. You may receive this money on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis, depending on the investment.

So, let’s say you buy and own shares (CBA, BHP, Telstra) that pays you a dividend every 6 months. That dividend payment is cashflow.

Another example is you loan money to a new start-up business. Each month the business pays you interest on your loan. That interest is cashflow.

What is a positive geared property?

A positively geared property is where your incomings i.e. rental income are higher than your outgoings i.e. mortgage repayments, repairs, strata fees council rates, resulting in positive cashflow before tax.

At J & J International the NDIS Investment Property is designed to keep you in a positively geared position and earn cashflow from the rental.

Here are the advantages:

  • Once your NDIS Investment Property is built and managed by our SDA provider Investors will immediately be rewarded with Cash in Hand.
  • The long term view of Victorian property value is up. However, there is no certainty with making profit through increased land valuation.
  • Investing in an NDIS Property will give you profit without relying on capital growth.
  • Positive cash flow means immediate income from your investment. As opposed to relying on property prices to increase to make a profit or negative gearing for tax purposes.
  • With strategically place properties for capital growth and 8% guarantee return on investment per annum for 7 years.
  • You are purchasing in property in Victoria where land value has an upward trend of capital growth and is in high demand for NDIS participants needs.
  • Finally increased purchasing power. As a result of having a better cashflow, you can potentially use this asset to further build your investment portfolio or pay down an existing mortgage on your principal place of residence.
  • Also, if you’re in the new age bracket of continuing to live the “rentvesting” lifestyle.

Real estate investing, even on a very small scale, remains a tried and true means of building an individual’s cash flow and wealth.

Robert Kiyosaki
Positive Cashflow

So don’t wait any longer!

If you want to you live financially free you can achieve this through J & J International. You now want to start living and designing a life that you manage. Book a strategy appointment with our consultants and be ready for financial freedom through an investment through NDIS Investment Property.