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Your money and Covid 19. Is it safe

The opportunity with your money and Covid 19

Is your money safe during this Covid 19 pandemic? Is there opportunity to grow your money? In these uncertain times it is the ultimate question.  As a result, people are facing new challenges in their daily lives. Consequently, social distancing has become the new norm. Wearing masks and using hand sanitiser are now new routine. In addition, questions arise about when Covid 19 will end? Is there going to be a cure? Can life return to normal?

More importantly, is your money secure and can it thrive?

During these uncertain times opportunity awaits for investors.

  • Now is the time to review asset portfolio holdings.
  • Seek alternative investment options to add value to your money.
  • Finally, how can you grow your money in this environment.

The restrictions caused by Covid 19 imposes risk and challenges for all assets. In other words, investors need to look at the health of their investments. To clarify, has the value of your portfolio gone up or down. Secondly, which asset has the most exposure during this pandemic.

For example, an apartment in Melbourne CBD has underperformed. As a consequence:

  • Rental income has been reduced to retain tenants.
  • Bank debt is not being serviced by the tenant lease;
  • People have returned to their countries or fled out of the city;
  • Above all, investors need to spend additional money to retain the apartment.

Once a decision has been made and you have determined if Covid 19 has affected your assets. It is now time to start phasing out poor performing assets.

Meanwhile, understand your risk appetite

An asset that is underperforming and is costing money to retain is not good. Consequently, this asset becomes a liability. Investors need to consider the option of taking a loss and exit a declining investment early. In addition, finding an alternative investment to recuperate, maintain and grow portfolio value.

This exercise may appear daunting and has risks. Understanding your risk appetite is essential in these situations. Therefore, clearly pointing out the options available will help make decisions.

In the example above, the apartment the options are:

  • Do nothing lose more money and wait for the market to pickup (when will this happen);
  • Ask the bank for mortgage holiday (if you haven’t already done so) this leads to more debt;
  • Find alternative investment options with stronger fundamentals and sell the apartment (the best solution).

Once you have weighed your options. Knowing what type of asset class (shares, property, bonds, etc) to invest in is difficult to decide. Thus, the challenge of being aware whether your money is safe, providing cashflow and growing in value.

Our solution

At J & J International we have considered the impact of Covid 19. As a result, interest rates are at all time lows. In addition, this provides incentive for investors to act now and borrow money. More importantly, take advantage of the uncertain times and focus on property.

Why choose property? Which type of property?

Property offers security and long term results. Therefore, attention should be focused on a NDIS Investment Property. Our project offers;

  • Certainty as it is from a Government funded program;
  • 8% guarantee return on investment for 7 years;
  • no maintenance fees;
  • zero management fees;
  • positive geared property;
  • capital growth; and
  • Most importantly, immediate return on investment where Investor money is safe.

With all the above J & J International’s investment product will achieve the results you need. Certainly, providing positive income and increase in capital growth value. Your money will be making you money and be in safe hands.

In short, the risk in not doing anything with your assets will result in losing money.

To find out more about our NDIS Investment Property click below.

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